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How Your Tea is Brewed

Our tea-making process uses a combination of cutting-edge technology, along with traditional tea philosophies. To make our drinks, we utilize only the best and highest grade tea leaves out on the market. Before making your tea, the leaves are weighted to accuracy, to get that perfect taste you’ve come to expect from us.

The Four Stages

At stage one in the brewing process, the tea leaves are steamed and hydrated first.

During stage two, extraction of geraniol and phenylacetaldehyde occurs; this gives the tea its natural fruity and floral scent.

Then at stage three, extraction of polyphenol, catechins, and antioxidants is done which gives the tea an earthy aroma.

Finally, at stage four a final rinse is done to extract the tannins, so as to not leave much bitterness behind. This gives the tea a signature “Hui Gan” or sweet aftertaste.

The Final Step

The tea can then be combined with the various toppings and flavor choices offered on our menu. The drink is now ready to be served!

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