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The Whale Tea
Our Story

At The Whale Tea, our boba journey set sail in the vibrant streets of New Haven, CT, near the Yale University campus. What began as a single store has evolved into a network of 30+ locations spanning the nation.

Our inaugural store, nestled by Yale, quickly earned the title of Best Boba Tea, as voted by Yale University students, a prestigious honor that we've proudly held for three consecutive years since 2020. As a women-owned business, this recognition becomes even more significant, symbolizing our dedication to breaking barriers and creating spaces where diversity and excellence thrive.

What sets us apart is not only our commitment to authenticity but also our dedication to freshness. The Whale Tea prides itself on using fresh, high-quality fruits to infuse our boba teas with natural flavors, creating a taste experience that's as vibrant and genuine as our story.

From the heart of New Haven to our nationwide community, each Whale Tea location is a testament to our commitment to authenticity, excellence, and the joy of shared moments. Join us in savoring the richness of flavor, culture, and community at every destination, where every sip carries the essence of The Whale Tea story—a story marked by the harmony of diverse flavors, the passion for crafting extraordinary boba experiences, and the use of fresh, quality ingredients that set us apart.

Signature Drinks

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